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One-Line Bio

A post-Republican libertarian/conservative & post-fundamentalist emergent Christian.


I am Texas-born but have settled in Oklahoma.

I graduated from college in 1990 with a BS in physics and minor studies in mathematics and creative writing. I have worked as a semi-pro drummer with several local jazz groups. I play the trumpet as well.

I live in a wonderful 90-year old two story home with my wife, three kids, and three cats.

I am an avid collector of vintage jazz and swing, and of American pop music from the 1920's and 1930's. I also enjoy transferring classic recordings from disc and restoring them via digital media. Check out my Virtual Victrola posts for a sample of what I collect.

I am an avid reader of history, particularly 20th century American history and the history of WWII.

As for my political leanings, they should be clear enough to anyone who reads my weblog posts.

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