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one more opinion

When I read about the Murrah building bombing I'm forced to wonder. What if George Bush had been president? Given the proven links to the Michigan milita, would he have occupied the state? Would he have used the missing suspect as an excuse to Invade Iraq or Cuba? Or would he have done just what Clinton did and let the authorites handle it as best they could. Given what we know about the president, it is unlikely that he would have under reacted.

One more thing

As you wonder about connections to Islam, I'd like to note that even today there is no evidence that Islamic extremists have ever collaborated with non muslims.

Who gets the "credit" is a big part of why terrorists blow things up. The loss of the federalb building alone did nothing to help Islam. If 911 was claimed by the Michigan Militia, Al queda would not have gained any of the noteriety that it craved. Noteriety means money and recruits to these organizations. They have (evil) reasons for doing what they do. They seek to gain from their terrorist actions. They don't blow up building just because they can.


too bad the "main" weapon could not have done that damage
the truck bomb was weak!see General Parton's analysis of dissipation of energy. the Feds made Oklahoma happen

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After the rear axle of the Ryder rental truck was found and identified, the FBI frantically began tracking down Ryder truck rentals near Oklahoma City.The FBI and other law enforcement agencies did admit that they were concerned about radical right-wings groups planning a "revenge attack" on the anniversary of the Branch Davidian raid in Waco.

african mango

You are still growing and getting stronger. Keep it up buddy.

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