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I too was living and working in the OKC area on that day. I worked at the FAA Aeronautical Center and remember many of the same things that you relate. One of my team member's mothers worked in the building across the street from the Murrah Building and she was desperate to find out about her. My wife's co-worker had a husband who worked in the Murrah Building and several days afterward, they found his body. She never came back to work after that day. I remember the devastation that this event brought to the people of Oklahoma. I remember thinking, like everyone else, that this had to be the work of Middle Eastern terrorists. I remember thinking, is the fact that this is the anniversary of what happened in Waco just a coincidence. And I remember feeling helpless and unable to do anything useful. I remember asking why. I still remember those TV pictures of the scene. How could we forget. 10 years have passed, and it seems like it happened yesterday. Tim McVeigh is burning in Hell, but I do not yet feel that justice has equaled things out. How could it?


I've posted my memories here:


I was in Norman that day, working for WWLS/KNOR radio. Trudy Rigney, who worked at the Water Resources Board was killed that day. She was a good friend.

I remembered her on my blog yesterday.

We will never forget.

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The details are disturbing. Why does this stuff happen?

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