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You didn't tell us why Durbin's remark is stupid. Is it really that self-evident?

john @ blogenlust

I think we should tie Durbin up, chain him to the Senate floor, and watch him defecate on himself, all the while blasting Toby Keith in his ear!!! That would really show him, I think. And let's show it on Fox and make it a reality teevee series. We can call it Survivor: Guantanamo, or Extreme Makeover: Abu Ghraib.

And let's not stop at Durbin. We should also chain up that American hating, terrorist wannabe FBI Agent that wrote the report that Durbin directly quoted.

And why stop there? Then we should tie up people like you, hook up a webcam, and watch you defecate yourself while we stand around you saying things like, "You're so lucky you get to crap on yourself," or "Hey, aren't you glad we're not Saddam?"


We need a laugh out here right about now. I hope you put together a book. Thanks! Margaret

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