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David V

I can ID you without mentioning your name too, e.g., be sure to read this pile of garbage by an unamed author at
I think that is tantamount to saying, I don't know her name, but she's married to Joseph Wilson.

Additionally, since when are conservative "christians" exempt from the ten commandments they so often seek to enshrine in government buildings? I think that, "thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie, and thou shall not bear false witness against they neighbor" are some of them this white house and its supportors continually breach. --white house apologist, "Oh wait, perhaps we should define "neighbor" because last time we checked Joseph Wilson didn't live anywhere near KR."


One thing you arent posting here is that Rove sure didnt mean Mrs. Wilson Dennis the Meneces nextdoor neighbor, or the fact that Rove spoke to Novak 4 full days before the story came out. Or that by talking to Nobal about a CIA agent at all is just wrong.Rove should have said no comment . Bush said he will fire ANYONE involved not that they beed to be charged wuth anything. Its clear to thinking people Rove was involved in her outing.

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