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Very well written, Mike.

Regarding the forgeries in the time line:

1999 - Wilson goes to Niger on private business trip.

1999 – Iraqi diplomat(s) visit Niger; a businessman acts as an intermediary to Niger officials.

2001 – After 9/11 happened, Italy informed US of the 1999 visit of Iraqi diplomat to Niger. Italy knew about it because this Iraqi was stationed in Italy, at the Vatican.

2002 – February – Wilson goes on Niger mission.

In various articles we read reports of his description of forged docs known about and recognized by him as forgeries , including description of a document dated 2000, signed by a former Niger official who had retired 11 years earlier. He also testified on this subject of Feb 2002 era forgeries to the Senate Committee. He later denies having ever seen any forged docs.

Now here comes the twist:

2002 – September – a French agent "Giacomo" passes a dossier with 22 pages of real and forged docs to Italian journalist Burba. [This news was not known until it broke on 5 Sept. 04 in the British press, ironically right at the time of CBSgate. [UK Telegraph link].

2002 – October – Burba hand delivers these docs to the US Embassy in Italy. Eventually the CIA receives them. This is long after Wilson's Feb 02 trip to Niger.

2003 – March – The UN's ElBaradei publicly exposed Niger docs as forgeries. (I presume it's the Burba docs, but don't know yet.) (At this time in March 03, no one besides "Giacomo's" co-conspirators knew of the French agent "Giacomo" being Burba's source.)

So, Wilson couldn't possibly have seen the Burba docs in Feb 02 – unless the Burba docs or other forgeries were in the hands of or created by CIA malcontents (like Plame and her boss) - not in "late summer" of 2002 as Seymour Hersh reports the CIA malcontents' forgeries taking place, but long before the Burba events.

There's still something fishy we don't know. More sleuthing in the posts and comments sections here, here, and especially here.


Links showing Wilson's claims about forgeries of Feb 02 era (which he later denied to the Senate Committee and on the internet):

5/6/03 article by Nick Kristof of NYT.
6/12/03 article by Walter Pincus of WaPo.
Jan 04 article in Vanity Fair.
7/10/04 article by Susan Schmidt in WaPo.
JustOneMinute site. There's lots more research at that site, besides this link.

Links of Wilson denying that he saw forged Niger docs:
9/18/03 Wilson interview by Josh Marshall.
And the 7/10/04 WaPo article already linked.
7/18/04 WaPo article.
Select Intelligence Committee's Report on the U.S. Intelligence Community's Prewar Assessment on Iraq has 521 pages. Here is the part on Niger.

Link re veracity of actual Iraq/Niger uranium transactions (which Plame so cavalierly dismissed): here. (Not read yet, just found it tonight.)


BR, Thanks for all the info about the forged documents.

- Mike


Hi again! What fun to watch this triple-cross poker game :)

Yup, the Niger forged docs and the contrived INR memo were all Trojan horses. Pretty serious, if it ends up being exposed as collusion with the French govt/UN/Iraq to prevent the war.

I wouldn't be surprised if both Bush and Blair were aware that some Niger docs were forgeries and set a trap for the culprits in the French govt / Plame/Wilson / INR / UN's IAEA / MSM by vaguely referring to uranium and Africa in their speeches. Rove's e-mail to a security official in the WH after a reporter's call (Cooper, I think it was), saying he [Rove] didn't take the bait, is a hint the WH knew of the cabal all along. How wonderful that the screams for investigation came from the left. I hope Fitzgerald goes all the way with his counter-intelligence experts' investigation into the CIA.

Trojan Horse: Wizbang thread at July 23, 2005 10:35 AM, and the next 4 items below it.

Forged Niger docs – originating from anti-Bush faction of CIA: Besides the one I linked earlier in Seymour Hersh's article, there's also this: VIPS data at JustOneMinute. (Great sleuthing at JustOneMinute - they saw the plot two years ago!)

Forged Niger docs exposed as la grande trappola: in addition to the
UK Telegraph 9/5/04, later also found this: UK Telegraph 9/19/04. (Transposed from the British dates within the links which were day/month/year.)

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer's July 24, 2003 letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Counter-intelligence investigations into CIA: WP 12/26/03.

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