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Steve Bragg

Thanks for the link. I've quoted part of your excellent post over at DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS.


I just found your weblog, via the trackback listing of another blogger's entry, which I also just [manually] trackbacked.

I am also a Christian conservative, but I would likely disagree with you on many foreign policy matters. I wanted to briefly address your remarks about Britain's dealing with Islamic terrorism. I actually saw something on television yesterday, by a leading neoconservative scholar and commentator, that indicates that the U.K. and Blair administration has actually had a rather weak approach to domestic security. The following is the last paragraph of a comment that I posted this evening at John Hawkins' Right Wing News weblog.

...Many Tories and conservatives - in the U.K. and elsewhere - believe that Blair's policies have left them more vulnerable to terrorism and other serious catastrophes. Just yesterday, I saw the hawkish Daniel Pipes on television, asserting that Britain's excessive-tolerance of fanatic Islamic influences within its borders was a major security risk - and that their government had done the worst job, of all major European powers - in combatting these security risks. Guess what country he said had done the best job in this?

(I didn't note this in that comment post... But the answer to this question is actually... France!)

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