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Do the photos of Bush sporting a halo, or strategically standing infront of well choosen key words on a sign annoy you as well?


man she looked wasted in the original. good thing they got rid of the bloodshot look.


Actually, Dick looks like that a lot. My very sweet cat had one of his canines removed, now he wears a Cheney snarl all the time--priceless.

james Zumwalt

Keep up the good work, I am an Art Student here in San Diego, I know how easy it is to crop and manipulate these photos, and believe you me they know exactly what they are doing. We in Art school are trained to this type of message making. So much for objective journalism.

Matt Doyle

The press makes me sick,,,, didn't do this stuff to their boy Clinton and his staff...Now did they....

Matt Doyle

The press makes me sick,,,, didn't do this stuff to their boy Clinton and his staff...Now did they....

Reminds me of the photoshopped Kerry photos. Only in this case, the politics is debatable.

Randy Ranson

This is simply someone without experience in the art of Photoshop, or someone who forgot to use tthe opacity slider and reduce the percentage on the upper white layer, this layer being painted with white and with the opacity dropped down to 10% or 20%, cleans up the red or grey and is meant to only enhance the look of the individual. In this case, it did neither as the left eyeball was treated with the white brush more like a cat's eye than a round or oval human eye. That's the story, it is the operator and his or her supervisor, that is at fault here. Not the publication itself.


For me, what is really amazing about the Condi pics is how poor the Photoshop work is. Photoshop is a great tool but this looks like the work of a drunk donkey using a flint axe.

So if thats as bad as they get there is nothing to worry about, (except how they got the job in the first place.)


ooohhh, It's a left wing conspiracy! NOT! Big deal, get a life. Put your energies toward fixing FEMA, DHS, the "war", gas prices, the deficit, social security, etc.


Little Jon Jon -

Let's see ...

FEMA did their job - after Louisiana and city of New Orleans failed miserably; DHS will be a headache until we fix immigration; the war's a great success by any means; gas prices are a result of NIMBY and liberal environmental policies; the deficit as a percent of GDP is a minor issue - figure out what your mortgage is as a percent of your income; social security is a bomb - current admin is the only one that's tried ANYTHING; etc.


Poor Condi! (NOT)

Who gives a flying fuck if the whites of her eyes are brighter on that pic. My God - look around you, there's more important things to worry about.

You guys act like a bunch of elementary school bullies; picking on everyone else but when it's turned back on you - look out. No one whines and wimpers better than a Republican getting his/her just desserts.

Gern Blanston

Why would anyone think they have to photoshop these people? They're plenty evil enough as they are.


I would like to comment on Matthew's comment. Let's fix FEMA? Come on, Matthew. Let's downsize the government if anything. In 1927 a hurricane, larger than Katrina, hit New Orleans. Guess how much federal assistance was fielded. You, Matt, would not guess the correct answer which is NONE. If you rely on the federal governement for anything, and I mean anything, you will be sorely dissappointed. Social Security - joke. I'm not counting on it. Hope you aren't. Saving your money? I hope you are. Remember the story about the grasshopper and the ant? Hope you are working hard, relying on your own God given abilities to provide for your future. Oh, the war - remember, soldiers are dying so you have the right to post your crap on this site. Yeah, freedom costs. I suggest you ante up.

Fed up in NE

kay kay,

your an ass


Dear RJD, I think you will find that you wanted to address your comments to 'jon'...I posted about donkeys and flint axes. But if you want to address me well, yes I work hard, save money, ...anything else you want to know?
But although I also think 'jon' might be a befuddled teenage type thinker I'm not sure if being rude will convince him of your wisdom.



Sorry. Please replace "Matthew" with "Jon" in my first post.

Those darn dotted lines messed me up.

Yes, I agree. Jon is most likely less than 20 years old and has a less-than-developed frontal lobe.

Thanks again for the correction.



KayKay is right. You GOP whiners are pathetic. Enjoy the indictments, I know I will.


pitiful demoncrats... still snarling over that stained blue dress eh?...

you say indictments?

keep on wishing... there won't be any because the source of the CIA leak was the lady's neighborhood, since everyone on her street knew she was a spook.

You think you caught a big one but all yooz gize did was snag the bottom... Hahahahhaa

Just keep fishin boyz...

To everyone,

Please give me something that this administration has done to better our country? Just one example....


Christianity is for losers.


"Please give me something that this administration has done to better our country? Just one example...."

Umm... kept John Kerry and Al Gore from office. But that's two isn't it?

Oh thats a great answer....just an honest question and one has to be sarcastic. Please try again.


Wow, it's amazing the extend people will go to protecting this corrupt administration. Keep believing they're moral people, as they load you onto the cattle cars.

Joshua Wickander

It is strange how the Liberal Left has so much time to manipulate photos when they should be tring to do something about there concerns. This bothers me that they think this is funny, but what I think is funny will be the next election when they lose again and then whine that we cheated. They remind me of the kids in school who had no talent or skill and now demonize someone based on appearance and accomplishment. Jealousy rears it ugly head among children now the Liberal left is acting like they are 6 and need to call people names go figure and they want to control foriegn policy. we can make funny gag photos of the people who hate america that will solve the problem. Give them a reason to hate us more. These people who do this scare me they want to lead but set no example, if this is the best the left has to offer then pray they never win again.

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