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Franz Jantzen

Hi Mike - I found your essay on Joe Haymes not because of your politics (!) but because of the Haymes orchestra. I have been scouring the earth for versions of "The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out)" which Haymes recorded with Pinky Tomlin in March 1937 (he also did a version with Cliff Weston in April 1937). I know far less than you about Haymes, so I'm trying here to piece this together. It sounds like these "Love Bug" recordings were some of his last recordings with his own orchestra - can you confirm? (And he even had a hit with "Love Bug" and Pinky, which was #9 for 3 weeks!) Can you tell me of any other sources for more info on the band? Best - - - Franz Jantzen

Paul Griffin

Hi. My dad is Chris Griffin (Benny Goodman trumpet section) and he also played with Joe Haymes. He met my mother, Helen O'Brien when she was singing with Joe Haymes. I wonder whether you might have any recordings with either my mother or my father from that era? You might like to see a web page that I have created about my dad:

Paul Griffin

James Wetterau


Thanks for the information about the Joe Haymes band and particularly the mp3 link to a song with Cliff Wetterau singing. I am Cliff Wetterau's stepson. He married my mother after WWII and then adopted me. As far as I know he had no other children. He made a brief attempt to continue to play trumptet professionally during the 1950s when the big band era was really dying. He subsequently died in 1960.

He never talked to me much about his big band days. I wish he had. I did have some Bix Biederbecke 78 records that he had and I did not know the connection if there was any. I unfortunately lost those recordings. So thanks for the info.

Rerto Jordans

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Tim Robins

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