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A Clarinetist

This is cool, but what about Benny Goodman's rendition of Limehouse Blues? And you wouldn't have any idea as to where I could find the sheet music to it would you, as in the non-fakebook actually hard sheet music?

Paul Cathcart

Excellent !


One of my favorites - great post. I was surprised to find someone blogging your mix of topics. ;-)

(click on my handle to see why I'm winking).


Whoops .... Well, I guess my typepad ID doesn't show what I thought it did.


Elmore Kraken

so what is the song actually about?

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What is the difference between Jazz and Jazz Technique?
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I've never took jazz so would it be a good idea to take technique as well?
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What modes do I use to solo over what chords in Jazz?
In general, what modes do I use to solo over what chords in Jazz? Basically, what are some basic chords for each different mode that sound good when soloed over using that mode? And how do I tell what chords sound good with what mode? I am a guitarist.

frank jacobs

Remt the movie "Star," and you'll see Julie Andrews portraying Gertrude Lawrence, who introduced the song in 1922. Andrews knows what she's doing.

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What modes do I use to solo over what chords in Jazz?

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