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You're a complete, disillusioned idiot. A predictable American, ignorant of the fact that Christianity was one of the most violent religions on the planet, and was tamed when the Yanks became evangelicalized-- now it's just the Muslims' turn to get (increasingly) violent. Ever heard of the Christian Inquisitions, Crusades, open killings of non-believers back in the day? That's one primary reason that Europe kicked the religion the hell out of the continent, and turned to rational inquiry-- Christianity was too destructive and backward; it still is.

As for the US being "humanity's greatest achievement in freedom"-- aren't France, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Finland, Singapore, etc. etc. ALSO paragons of freedom? Another predictable, culturally ignorant, insulated American who hasn't a clue about the rest of the world around him.

And by the way, America is on an economic, sociocultural and geopolitical decline. No one takes the country seriously anymore-- they turn to the EU instead.
Unlike Americans, Europeans are a people of principles, not interests.

Bill Preston

Although I don't agree with everything Mike says above, I must say Janet that your reaction is completely over the top and totally fatuous. It's not really worth going into what you wrote, but I'd like to state that even if it were justified to attribute the above characteristics to Mike (and it's not), that still wouldn't make him a predictable American. Just to prove this, visit another excellent music blog MYPWHAE.

You will notice that both bloggers have passion and a great feeling for music of certain genres, and the initiative and generosity to help people like me learn and enjoy. But see how varied their political opinions are. So get real and understand that the USA means diversity and a healthy assertiveness. The blogpost on MYWHAE details the brave actions of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the brilliant theologian and Lutheran pastor who stood up to the Nazis and died at their hands 11 days before his concentration camp was liberated. Today marks Bonhoeffer's 100th birthday. So much for your generalizations about Christians.

As for your remark that no-one takes the USA seriously anymore, that is just puerile. Fifty years of experience inform me that in the UK there has always been a strong residual jealousy of the USA (stemming paradoxically from WWII). It usually posed as a serious political stance; it now simply has more support from curmudgeons and frustrated radicals. Plus ca change! If anything the EU is in decline, you should know - just like me you live in it.

Soon you'll be telling me that Europeans are a people of priciples and not interests. Oh dear, you just did. So by your reckoning a neo-Nazi thug from Britain or mainland Europe is better than a passionate espouser of civil-rights from the USA. How peculiar! But then again you state that Muslims are "just" being violent. Well, if that's all it is then. Are you on steroids or something?

Mike - the last picture seems to suggest that someone found a thesaurus, or are very keen to suggest some form of collective murder. Massacre and extermination indeed. What they will do about it? Speaking for my British compatriots and the mainland Europeans I live among, I would think - probably prevaricate.


I'm so delighted to see that so many major newspapers in humanity's greatest achievement in freedom, the United States of America, take the expence of boldly defending the principle of freedom to express ones opinions... The leadership of this achivement is of course also very very clear on this issue - there's no holding back support there!

Nike Shox Rivalry

Everyone should have self-respect, self-confidence, independence, or is the slave. But self-esteem, self-confidence is lighter than complacent, independent not arc

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