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Kevin M

Don't count on Christian Peacemaker Teams or any other Christian organization to step up to the plate. Christians pray to solve their problems; Muslims slay to solve theirs.

Any guesses who's going to come out on top in such a confrontation?

PS: If these sanctimonious dullards truly believed in their mission in Iraq, then why are they coming home?!


The Christian Peacemakers are typical useless whiney liberals. If they did go into Afhanistan they would get captured and the military would have to perform another mission to obtain their "release", whereupon the CPT would make a statement giving the credit to those who prayed successfully for them.

John Fast

This will be a perfect chance for them to show the truth to those hate-filled persons, such as myself, who claim the CPT's only want to hurt the United States, rather than caring about actually helping anyone.

Of course I'm not holding my breath, because I honestly do believe they care more (or only) about hurting the United States and don't give a damn about actually helping anyone, and may their hypocritical, self-righteous Pharisee souls go straight to Purgatory.


CPT are about as Christian as partial-birth abortion supporting "altar boy" John Kerry. I'm thinkin' they just enjoy the tax-exempt status. One thing is for sure, Abdul Rahman has got more REAL courage in his right pinky than anyone at CPT. Oh, and Abdul Rahman is quite sane I'm sure; the folks at CPT on the other hand...

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