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Hateful Christians
I'm trying to understand why people who call themselves "Christians" have so much hate in their hearts. They claim to follow the teachings of Christ, but Jesus loved and accepted all people. He believed that everyone's soul was worth saving and he tried to change those who needed to change with love not hate.

Now we have these hateful Christians protesting outside of our troops funerals, saying that God made 911 and hurricane Katrina happen to punish us for people being gay and women having abortions. Yet, they stand behind a man like George Bush who has created nothing but death, destruction and chaos in Iraq. . . Oh That's right they don't give a damn about the Iraqis because they're Muslims. Another thing that's rather interesting is most of these hateful Christians are against abortion and for the death penalty. How can that be?
Doesn't God teach us that all life is sacred. ? We are all born with sin children are not born innocent. therefore if a killer repents according to the bible he'll go to heaven. So if this is true shouldn't that person have a right to live too? these hateful Christians can spout every verse in the bible, but actions speak louder than words. Why is it so hard for them to accept that there are people who actually think differently than they do, worship differently than they do, love differently than they do. Why do the hateful Christians feel the need to force their beliefs on others? These hateful Christians have a lot in common with the Muslim extremists. I have total faith in my God, therefore I don't feel the need to run around and try to do his job for him. If being gay or having an abortion is wrong, people will pay at the end of their lives.


Well, I'm glad you got that off your chest.

Thanks for sharing.


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