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Dan Trabue

"To the pundits who trip over themselves to be the first to call any US military deployment a "quagmire," but who conveniently ignore the vast combat and humanitarian efforts of the US military, I say, "You don't support our troops.""

But what if we disagree with you? What if we think that our sons and daughters are being placed in harm's way on an immoral and illegal mission? IF that is the case, then isn't the only supportive thing to do is to call for them to come home and disobey what we consider to be immoral orders?

When Oscar Romero was serving as a priest in El Salvador and the military there was being used by an oppressive regime to kill and destroy, Romero issued the following statement in church one sunday to a crowd that included soldiers:

"In the name of God then, in the name of this suffering people I ask you, I beg you, I command you in the name of God: stop the repression."

Saying this was the most supportive thing Archbishop Romero could say not only for the people being killed, but for the soldiers as well.

Even if you disagree with our conclusion, you must see that IF this is our thinking, then we ARE acting in a supportive way by our way of thinking.

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