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My name is Mohamoud I am from a Somalia boy with a bad luck living in Mogadishu I am an orphan , born 1984
My father and elder brother were killed by militias on 1994. There were killed inside the house. Unfortunately my Mum couldn’t live longer she died as a result a shook from the family mascara. We could hardly continue our life because of the death of the father and the elder brother who used to care for our life .
Also my elder sister was raped to death on 1995. and my younger brother was killed because he was in love with a girl from a militia family in 2005, further more we are from a clam that is the most humiliated in Somalia ( BOON).
Though we own a house in Mogadishu, we don’t live in our house, because some militia live there, and we don’t have the a ability to force them out of the house.
We don’t have cousins from my dad but cousins from my mum live in the countryside far from Mogadishu and we don’t usually contact each other and they don’t have the ability to help us.
I n my educational background, I only left a high school and not attended any school anymore , I don’t have good skills to work.
I have never gotten the support of my family either happiness or something else.
I now live with my two younger brothers and one younger sister
We faced lack of motion, education family, money, we are looking forward to your prompt answer to help us. Live better than where we live today


Widespread reports of vanishing employees and schoolchildren suggest thousands of illegal immigrants have left Oklahoma for neighboring states or their native countries. Cotton gins, hotels and home builders have lost workers. Restaurant and grocery store owners complain of fewer customers. Some businesses and lawmakers are warning that the economic effects will hit consumers hard.

Oklahoma Treatment Centers

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