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I could add a comment about the fact that the traditional British slang for cigarettes is "fags," but I won't.

No, no. Knock yourself out using veiled, derogatory slurs as much as you want. It's a free country.


I suggest you read that original article in the SF Chronicle. It is clear that Stacy did not, or if she did, it is clear she did not understand it. I pointed out to her that the main reason the people in this article are smoking is because they were rejected by their families for being gay. She failed to mention this. I asked her if she ever wondered whether these people would smoke if they had been accepted. I also pointed out that the 'facts' she is looking for will be out in a year, as the article clearly states. I also pointed out that some parts of the gay and lesbian community are fighting back against gay and lesbian functions that advertise tobacco and alcohol. I guess she didn't like that and she erased my post.
Oh, and why don't you comment about the word 'fag'? Is it a word you would like to use, but maybe it doesn't quite fit into a proper conservative christian view? Or maybe it does, and you think calling someone a fag is funny? Come on, let's hear it...

Looks like you touvhed a raw nerve there Mike. Must be a lack of nicotine. No "ifs or butts" if you please.


Look, what do you have a problem with? Smoking? (Take it up with Republican Majority Leader John Boehner, who's connected withe the tobacco industry) Drinking? Or being attracted to someone of the same sex?

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