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Howard Wechsler

What Baloney!

An incrdibile distortion of what really occurred. The people who put up roadblocks to Bill Clintons attempt to get Bin Laden were his CIA Director (who Geoge Bush kept on and gave the medal of freedom to), Louis Frye the head of the FBI
(A Republican who seemed more focused on investigating Clinton's personal life) and the Republicans in Congress who called what he was attempting wagging the dog. Bill Clinton had to take the best advice of the people in charge of the CIA and the FBI. Although some low level people said that there were chances to get Bin Laden, the top level people said these missions were not feasible. At least Bill Clinton tried. George Bush had to hit over the head with a sledgehammer before he would do anything. He did absolutely nothing prior to 9/11. He didn't fail because he didn't care prior to 9/11. He was told how important the terrorism issue was when he took office by Clinton officials and he chose to ignore thier advise. We need leaders who at least can see problems before they occur and try to do something before there is a an event such as 9/11.

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