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I like what you've said here, Mike. I watched the Sarah Silverman video and was going to disagree with you about it, but now I'm not sure. In a way, I think it's terrific, because it makes a point about God that much of our modern, casual-sex world understands too well -- God wants a relationship with us, but all we were looking for was a one-night-stand. We're embarrassed to find the guy still hanging around when we wake up in the morning and we'd just like Him to go away.

I was about to call it insightful, but now I think it was more likely an accident. She hit on something but she's too spiritually obtuse to know it. I spent some time reading some of Silverman's lines from her "Jesus is Magic" show and she seems to get her humor by mocking everything, which leads me to wonder if she was only mocking God in the video rather than sharing an insight.

Maybe what all of the God-mocking suggests is that liberalism no longer believes in the Sacred, so mocking God is no different than mocking Bush or Cheney.

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