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"And when the US uses similar techniques against captured terrorists, Leftists say that we 'torture' them."

Well, Mr. "Thinking Blogger," do we or don't we torture captured "terrorists?" What do you call what happens at Gitmo and the various rendition sites around the globe - therapy?


Let's look at the two situations ...

Guantanamo houses prisoners who were captured on the battlefield while they were actively engaged in combat with US forces. Many of these prisoners are high-ranking Al Qaeda members who hold vital knowledge about other operatives and future terror plans. These prisoners are tough, clever, and have worked both alone and in groups to threaten, resist, and in some cases physically assault the US troops guarding them. They are also going to be held "for the duration," which means they know they will be there a long time, unless they can trick us into releasing them.

Now let's look at the Iran situation. Iran captured the British in Iraqi waters. The British were uniformed, their craft was clearly identified, and their mission did not involve any contact with Iranian navy vessels -- until their boat was commandeered. The British surrendered peacefully and made no attempts to escape, resist, or assault their guards.

America uses tough tactics against the terrorists in Guantanamo because they are tough, and in order to subdue them to the point where they will willingly cooperate with us sometimes takes rather extreme measures. I also believe that using coercive psychological and physical stresses in order to make the terrorists divulge information is completely acceptable, given that information from captured terrorists has already foiled a number of terror plots.

I have little sympathy for the men being held by the US at Guantanamo. We spared their lives when we had every right, under international law, to execute them as spies. They are playing to our press and our legal system, because they know that any allegation of "torture" can only help their cause, possibly even get them an early release. They are provided with a healthy diet, exercise, better medical care than many American citizens, and they have a gang of ACLU lawyers at their beck and call. Has any American held as a POW ever had it so good?

And did the British, who were captured illegally and offered no resistance, deserve to be treated with the same harsh tactics that we save for the toughest, hardest Guantanamo terrorists?

I don't think so.

And yet the world yawns at the treatment of the British hostages, and seems to care only about appeasing the Iranians rather than holding them accountable for their behavior.

I am sick and tired of America being held to an impossibly high standard while other nations can violate human rights with impunity. Maybe you think that because we are "the good guys" and "the shining beacon on top of the hill" that we should flog ourselves every time we make a mistake and let everyone else's transgressions pass unchallenged. I do not feel that way at all.

- Mike


I find it strange that you would pose as a Christian and equivocate on what the "left" and "right" considers "torture." You conveniently omitted those unfortunate souls who were detained at Gitmo and then released with no compensation after they were found guiltless. You say nothing about the horrors commited by US forces at Abu Ghraib or at the various rendition centers. Like the actions you seemingly deplore, all the actions are "illegal" yet your gross perversion of Christianity allows you to overlook that fact.

The British soldiers appear healthy and unharmed when released. Can you say the same about the victims of your "legal" US actions in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and the rendition centers?

Would Jesus find legal nuances to justify what the US does and has done covertly and overtly in Iraq and Iran?

Why don't you


"I am sick and tired of America being held to an impossibly high standard while other nations can violate human rights with impunity."

Impunity? You think what's happening in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan represents 'impunity?" You're either very poorly informed or simply disengenuous. The US has been alternately supporting and destroying both Iran, Iraq (and Afghanistan and the former USSR) for years in their war against each other. And what's wrong with holding America to higher standards? Are you saying we're really no better than the rest, despite your blinkered pseudo-Christian chest-thumping?

"Maybe you think that because we are 'the good guys' and 'the shining beacon on top of the hill' that we should flog ourselves every time we make a mistake and let everyone else's transgressions pass unchallenged."

Well, at least you admit we're making mistakes, even if you try to obscure it with sloppy moralizing. Flogging is not necessary - what we need is honest discussion of US foreign policy and its consequences.


American Enterprise Institute? NRA? Congressional Republicans? Ann Coulter fans?


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