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Please, I need new records and new articles!! :) Thanx!

William H. Smith

I just posted a comment about Frankie Trumbauer. I'd like to provide a little more trivia since Frank had recorded accompanying the famous "Shimmy Queen" dancer Bee Palmer. I recall the morning in the 1940's when I as an air traffic controller in Denver and was having a 3am coffee break at the Stapleton Airport, Denver. I was the only customr except for a lady who insisted on showing me a dance she told me that she had originiated. Her name was Gilda Gray...Hollywood made a movie Gilda starring Rita Hayworth about her. She was in Colorado buying a ranch with money she was paid for using her name in the film.

Frank Trumbauer and company were back in the recording studios two years later, this time accompanying the famous "Shimmy Queen" dancer, Bee Palmer. Music impresario and orchestra leader Paul Whiteman (who was Trumbauer's employer at the time) had arranged to produce a "Paul Whiteman Presents" recording for Bee Palmer, who up to that time had never recorded

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