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Wow, I'm stunned at how easily Hillary seems to have become an enemy of the rugged individualism that established this country. Having travelled and lived internationally, and met people from all over the world, I find that many who admire the US do so for our individualism and "get-r-done" attitude; many who are jealous are jealous for the same reason. Along the same lines as the Anchoress' and Beth's comments, I read comments from a British scholar today who was in awe of Americans for our commitment to stand up and stake our lives for what we believe is right. (It was actually a complimentary article, if you can imagine). I think about 70 percent of the INDIVIDUALS in this country have a heart connection to our "John Wayne" roots --("Why, I tell you, little buckaroo, there ARE moral absolutes. Don't you go a-listenin' to what those lefties have to say!") even as we're assaulted by any and all mainstream media as wrong for feeling that way. The pioneer spirit is our heritage, and that's why our country has been the leader in so many innovations over the past century. And every day, I stand in protest of those who want to stop the innovations, the optimism, the hope that have been synonymous with the American Way. I blog. I pray. I educate. I share. Thanks for doing the same.

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