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James Winsoar

You've got a lovely Maine Coon cat there. Shame about the mice!

Smart Flap

We have actually managed to train our cats to leave mice outside now!

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did the cat really kill the mouse or did it buy by poison?

Berlin Culture

Ah I love the picture of your cat, it looks really fed up that you have taken his picture. Either that, or he just didn't like the choice of food in front of him.


We tried to get our old cat to chase after the mice in our house, but it was too busy sleeping. We have a new cat and he is a totally different kettle of fish and chases all sorts of animals and birds, in fact he brought a mouse back the other day and left it in the kids toy box.


Ha ha our cat is mad on killing anything and everything. If you move your feet at night they get attacked. We should have guessed really, she was the smallest in the litter, has caused more destruction in our house than any other cat we have ever had. But she is cute and does the job.

Shawn Tymchak

Most cats are usually good mouse hunters. Ours kills them and brings them to the door. Then my wife does her stealth walk through the yard and throws them over the fence to our uniked neibor. Love it!

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how to get rid of mice guru

that's very cute cat that you got there! Cats are reliable beings if you have a mouse problem in your home. Rather than dealing the problem by yourself or hire an exterminator, it's really way better to have a cat. There are absolutely a lot of advantages when having a cat as a pet, it's not just limited to having a companion at all times.

Shawn T

We inherited another new cat resident. Darn cats had already shredded up a couch and loveseat and guess what, wife wants new ones now. I thought of building the kitties a new cat tree to prevent them from furniture scratching until I found an awesome site in Canada. Cats love them! cat trees Canada They have a great selection of Armarkat models, all kewl looking cat towers! armarkat in Canada I even found an article that tells you how to train your cat! solve cat scratching I tried the yarn trick after putting the catnip between the ropes and my cats went crazy.

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