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Hi Mike

Nice blog! Greed certainly remains the root issue that has led to this predicament. I just think that maybe you are apportioning blame too liberally on those who are less fortunate. If a man is starving he will eat to excess if presented with a big bowl of food. Even if the bowl is meant to last 30 years. Personally I do not blame the needy who has accessed easy credit. Those who received the bulk of God's wrath were the Pharisees. These people who have created this situation are not our leaders, they are greedy investment bankers! I believe that only now are our leaders becoming aware of the extent of their activities and the result for all us to unwind what they have done. If you look at the credit cycle, particularly in relation to mortgage baked securities, credit swaps are squarely to blame for the unwinding global credit crisis. I should know as I worked for large investment blame when derivative instrument first became popular. God will deal with the unrepentant educated investment banker whose has mercilessly marketed to our poor ('Blessed are the poor') and then shifted the risk associated to that lending off of regulated balance sheets so as to disguise their activities. Only now are we all suffering from the rotten side affects of their labor.

As Christians however we going to see massive influxes over the next few years in our churches and I am personally excited at the prospect of so many souls coming to realize the grace of God. May God Bless you, and the christian world in what will be the most difficult for all of us across the globe.

Your friend in Australia.


Thank you for a rational, reasonable explanation to this terrible issue we face. I think it would be a good thing if we all recognized that greed is the root cause of all of this; greed on all sides.

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