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Amen, brother ... AMEN!

Fred Jones

you realize, of course, that your whole thesis is hypocritical. christianists teach no sex outside of marriage, no abortions, etc., but now that you have a republican veep candidate and her daughter is pregers, all of a sudden it is ok that she is in said condition. nice. i think you need to read this analysis to see the error of your ways.

The Third Policeman

You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this bogus sense of morality about Palin - you call yourself a moral person and a Christian? You are lying straight to the face of your reading public.

It's not good enough that Palin is anti-choice and anti-contraception. The physical fact of her daughter being pregnant is proof that she is also anti-abstinence! How can you possibly overlook that or apologize for it? This is situational ethics and moral relativism at it's clearest and worst. You and anyone who approves of this shameful, immoral behavior on the part of Sarah Palin, and her attempt to keep it hidden, are nothing more than left-wing stooges.

Sir Craig

You know, Dante's Inferno described the 8th circle of hell as being one occupied by hypocrites, forced for eternity to wear gold-gilded cloaks of lead.

Let me know how that works for you and any of the others who would have otherwise spit in the face of this girl for being a "whore" and a "slut" if she weren't the daughter of the presumptive Republican VP, because it is the least any of you self-righteous (expletive deleted) deserve.


Damn that the libs have mad sex pleasurable!! Thoses damn libs did it, not God when he gave us all those nasty parts!
Bottom line...she would not be pregnant id she used bith control. It really is that simple. But not to wingnut right wingers.
Also, I think the law and order family values bunch ought to look into the age of consent in Alaska...the 18 year old man should not get away with rape right?
Thanks for your time.


Y'know, Freddy me lad, if you actually read the thing before judging it, you might not come off as such a bombastic ass. Though not quite so much as Craig does. Neither of you have the faintest idea of Christianity, and skipping over every single point Mike made is not going to help. Of course, you don't really want to disturb your prejudices, do you? Pathetic cretins. Or maybe Mike just didn't break through? Try this, then.

Pretty sure 3rd P is making parody. No one is really that deranged.

Along the way, Fred, do have a go at the shift key. Similar benefit to the above.

Sir Craig

Yo, Scourge buddy...

I actually have a great idea what Christianity is all about: Like politics, it's pick-and-chose. Those parts of the Bible you agree with, use those to justify your prejudices and bigotries. Oh, but if an uncomfortable truth should pop up, pretend it either doesn't exist or modify your position so that what you just said in earnest 5 minutes ago has become something completely different, all for the sake of convenience.

I read Mike's idiocy, and it is more of the same: He seeks justification for not treating Bristol as he would any other unwed teenage mother (and spare me the "Oh, but they are getting married" nonsense - even in the press releases Bristol and her boyfriend have known each other less than a year. What kind of stable marriage is THAT going to produce?). Instead of addressing Bristol's pregnancy and the abject failure that is abstinence-only sex education, he goes on a diversionary diatribe against liberals and progressives by quoting that imbecile Jonah Goldberg and then introducing an idealized version of Christianity that has yet to be publicly shown by ANY conservative.

And finally, in order to boost your own lame comment, you link to a conservative editorial that treats each question thrown at the Palin's situation as a personal attack against Sarah and Bristol. There is nothing personal about this - the questions are meant to shed light on ALL the failed policies of the conservative agenda. If the Palins embrace these failed policies and ideologies, then so be it upon them: They can live with the consequences. But I'll be DAMNED if I use them as an example of how to live, and the hypocrites that boost them up upon their shoulders and attempt to use them as the newest poster children for conservative family values are just as useless.

Pathetic cretin, indeed...


Hey Scrounge I speeled God right...shoot fire. I'm a good kristian!
Thnaks again for your time


Seriously everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this late-night rambling of mine and leave comments. And I mean everyone, even the "dumb bunnies," as my dear Mom would call them.

I've noticed a curious trend in the hundreds of comments that I have read in relation to Sarah and Bristol Palin. If the far Left ever has anything to say about Christians, usually it's something like this -- "Damn those Christians! All they do is hate, hate, hate. Everything is 'no, no, no,' and 'sin, sin, sin' and 'blame, blame, blame.' Try loving people for a change. Jesus was all about love. And STFU already."

But what are they saying now? "Damn those Christians! Why aren't they blaming the Palins? Why aren't they hating the Palins? Why aren't then condemning the Palins as sinners and degenerates? All they keep talking about is 'life' and 'forgiveness.' STFU already. GIVE US THE HATE!!!"

And they call us hypocrites? Hmph. Hate is an awful thing if you are the one squirming under its boot, but apparently it is a sorely missed commodity if you need to spread some around yourself.

D. Aristophanes

For the record, I don't think anyone should be hating on Bristol Palin, whether Obama supporters or McCain supporters or those disinterested. Her decision, made by all reports with the advice and support of her parents, is to be respected and applauded.

Also for the record, I appreciate your civility and calmness in discussing this matter, Mike.

But I do think that the introduction of a teenage pregnancy into this very heated election season has, quite naturally, brought the subject of teenage pregnancy to the forefront of many people's minds. And since we on the left and you on the right (and we on the secular side of things and you on the Xtian side of things) have some solid differences of opinions as to how this subject ought to be discussed with the young 'uns, it's also natual that some overheated words on said subject have been flung.

This too shall pass, as they say. And when the righteousness wanes, I think we will all value any dialogue we can accomplish on the issue of teen pregnancy and its broad, chartable outcomes. We may all even learn something.


"Here's the deal -- we traditionalists teach abstinence to our children primarily so that our sons and daughters won't end up being gigolos, whores and tramps. There, I said it. We understand that abstinence will not result in a 100% cessation of pregnancy."

Independent of Sarah Palin and this election, the implications of this might be worth exploring.

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