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"There is a massive difference between a people led to justice through the work of the Holy Spirit voluntarily sacrificing in order to create equality and security among their bretheren, and a group of ruling elites forcing the masses to "sacrifice" in order to feed an enormous, inefficient, and corrupt bureaucracy."

Yes, there is. The dominant themes in conservative thought since the Reagan era have been voluntary sacrifice and voluntary regulation. Guess what? All your voluntary regulation and self-sacrifice have a been a total catastrophe from both a moral and an economic standpoint.

Keep slinging the bogus communist mud while American conservatism becomes completely irrelevant. Your shallow, perverted Christianity contributed more to out economic ruin than Karl Marx could have ever dreamed of doing.

Lee Ward

Well said, Bill. The kind of mindless mudslinging so prevalent on right wing blogs using the 1950s hot buttons -- "communism" -- "socialist" -- updated with the 2000 hot buttons -- "terrorist" -- exemplifies the desperation evident in the actions of the far-right anti-abortion social conservatives who screwed "true conservatism" in American politics.

They go through the motions and beat the "conservatism" drum but that is just a smokescreen - as is evidenced by the fact that they stood by mutely while George W Bush spent like a drunken sailor and drove the fedreal deficit to record levels.

These aren't "conservatives," they are anti-abortion drones who were invited and courted to take a stronger role in the Republican party at the behest of Karl Rove.

Rove screwed true conservatives by letting these single-issue fanatics take over the Republican party, and the Democratic landslide next Tuesday will likely be spark the birth of third political party. True conservatives will either run these wackos out of the Republican party, or real conservatives will leave and from their own party.

In either case, their reign is almost over.


Excellent post, socialism and communism has failed all over the world.

Funny, those systems never did and never will "build" what we have here it the US, they can only confiscate it after capitalism has flourished.

The idea that some people are poor because some other people are rich is ridiculous.

You are not entitled to the fruits of someone else's labor!


While I agree with you on issues of "spreading the wealth around" and other similar economic issues I was really interested in what you had to say about Barack Obama's belief in communal salvation (a belief that many people would call old fashioned and Catholic). It appears that you are a fervent Protestant individualist and I'm curious as to whether or not you think that individualism is going to destroy our country. Our country was founded on idiotic Protestant, enlightenment, and Lockean principles of liberty in every from-our country is based on classical liberalism principles of negative freedoms. What I find terribly troublesome in that is we lose the common, communal, moral base that has kept societies from falling apart for all of civilization. As a result, the United States' "every man for himself" ideology has taken away any form of community other than we are all here to achieve the "American Dream" of private ownership of everything (cause of sub-prime mortgage problem, thank you Bush and Congress). Essentially, in the end, this policy is leading to over decadence in our society and he will then destroy ourselves from the inside--much like Ancient Rome.

The Hermes Birkin

So fun article is! I know more from it.

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