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Lee Ward

"Jones-Kelley wants us to think that any responsible citizen -- after hearing this exchange -- would assume that Joe The Plumber is rolling in money..."

Any reasonable citizen would, that's correct. Any reasonable citizen knows it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a company that grosses a quarter million a year.

Ultimately it didn't matter. As we subsequently learned, Joe/Sam the Unlicensed Plumber was lying when he said he was getting ready to buy that business.

It was just another Republican lie. Add it to the tens of hundreds lies being told by the McCain/Palin campaign and it won't even be noticed.


Again, missing the point entirely, that it is not, never was and never should be, about Joe at all. Ever. It IS about the question he asked, and the answer Obama gave.

Of course, the more noise the left can make about irrelevant matters, such as whether Joe has enough money right now to buy a business (and no one ever took out a loan to start a business, have they?) or if he has a plumber's license - which he doesn't need anyway, or that he has unpaid taxes. NONE of that is relevant.

It's just noise to drown out the words of Obama, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody. ..."

That's the big blue elephant sitting in the middle of the living room that the left just does not want to talk about.


Good point Lee War. The Left is not addressing the problem of how a hard working business man or woman would be penalized for making above a certain amount. The argument being made is not touched only attacks are leveled against the character of the person making an excellent point.

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