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Bettie was a great woman, the photos are so beautiful, thanks for the information.

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I think your blog is great , I love the comments.

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You provide the beautiful photos of Bettie.She was a beautiful women.

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I can say you that you are so sexy and pretty girl i liked your pics to much good .

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Betty is a classic American beauty icon. She helped drive the women's rights movement. Truly a beautiful woman.

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Happy new 2011

You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write.

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I just loved what you did, specially in this particular post! Those old pictures are fantastic, and it'd be nice if you can add some information about her, I mean... she looks like a retard woman or an ill mental model but at the same time she looks pretty and I want to know more about her, because I'm an historiographer and I would like to learn more about her. 2j3j

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lol the best part of this post is the 1st girl picture... looks to sexy and funny .:P

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i like this picture..... thanks for sharing

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I don't have any words to appreciate this post.....I am really impressed ....the person who created this post surely knew the subject well..thanks for sharing this with us

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