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  • PalinSmearsDebunked.com chronicles daily news items related to Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, the current Vice Presidential nomiee on the Republican Presidential ticket. It also provides information that challenges the numerous outlandish and fictional claims made about Governor Palin in the wake of her Vice Presidential nomination.

    PalinSmearsDebunked.com is owned and written by Michael Laprarie. It is an independent weblog and is not affiliated with the official McCain-Palin presidential campaign, or with any other independent political action group. The author may be contacted by emailing okgrove 'at' yahoo 'dot' com. Contributions to the tip jar are not tax deductible.

    Comments policy: The author is responsible for the content of main posts and information pages, but not for the content of comments or trackback links. Comments and trackbacks are monitored, and any material deemed to be deliberately offensive, threatening, or obscene will be deleted.

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